Fact checking on some public and false “information” regarding the Holy See.

1) “V. Putin keeps part of his money in the Vatican Bank”. False. The Istituto per le Opere di Religione manages only those accounts whose holders are fiscal or juridical persons connected to the Catholic Church or to the Holy See (as, for example, the Embassies accredited to the Holy See) and never those belonging to foreign persons or governments.

2) “The Holy See is against sending arms to Ukraine” (see https://www.acistampa.com/story/ucraina-cardinale-parolin-sempre-chiesta-alla-russia-una-soluzione-negoziata-19533). False. In the interview in question, three separate things are mentioned, separated even by punctuation:

  • According to the Catholic theology, every country, and in this case Ukraine, has the right to defend itself.
  • It is well known that the international community does not want to be directly involved in the war, but some countries are sending weapons. 
  • Another fact is also noted: there is a risk that the evolution of the situation will cause an even more serious escalation, with unimaginable consequences.
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