Cardinal Michael Czerny, special representative of Pope Francis, visits Transcarpathia

Cardinal Michael Czerny, Vatican special representative for charitable assistance to victims of Russia’s war against Ukraine, has been on a visit to Transcarpathia.

This is reported by the website of the Diocese of Mukachevo, RCC in Ukraine.

The cardinal met with bishops, clergy of Transcarpathia and government officials. The meeting was also attended by the Apostolic Administrator of the Diocese of Mukachevo, Bishop Mykola Petro Luchok, and the president of Caritas-Spes Ukraine, Fr. Petro Zharkovsky.

Each of the bishops and representatives of the communities shared their own experience: both painful, related to the war, and the power of mutual assistance, which we experience at all levels.

The bishops appealed to Cardinal Michael Czerny to do everything in his power to end this war.

Cardinal Michael Czerny conveyed the blessing of His Holiness Pope Francis and stressed: “Ukraine is supported by the entire Christian world and prays for an end to the war.”

The day before, in an interview with Vatican News, Cardinal Czerny said: “My journey is a journey of prayer, prophecy and revelation. I left Rome on March 8 to reach Budapest, where I meet refugees and displaced persons, as well as those who welcome and help them. Meanwhile, Cardinal Konrad Krajewski, papal almoner, has already arrived in Poland and will do the same in the regions on the border with Ukraine.

The Apostolic See, Pope Francis said eloquently during the Angel of the Lord prayer on Sunday, March 6, “is ready to do everything to put itself at the service of this world.” My mission in Ukraine is a sign, and my task is to convey to those who suffer the presence and closeness not only of the Pope but also of the entire Christian people.”

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