Holy See Press Office Communiqué

The Holy Father Francis, on the days 5 to 6 July 2019, chaired a meeting with the major archbishop of the Ukrainian Greek-Catholic Church, along with the metropolitans and the members of the Permanent Synod, and the heads of the competent Dicasteries of the Roman Curia.

With this initiative, the Holy Father wished to express his closeness to this sui iuris Eastern Catholic Church. Along with his collaborators, Pope Francis appreciated the history of this Church, her spiritual, liturgical, theological and canonical tradition, and her fidelity to communion with Peter’s Successor, confirmed and sealed with the blood of martyrs.

The reflection took place with mutual listening and was accompanied by prayer, seeking the conditions necessary for the development and flourishing of this Church in today’s world.

Particular attention was dedicated to pastoral work, evangelization, ecumenism, the specific vocation of the Greek-Catholic Church in the context of the challenges of today’s social-economic conditions, in particular of the war and the humanitarian crisis in Ukraine, as well as her service in various countries throughout the world.

It is hoped that this method of sharing may continue, with the purpose of promoting the harmonious development of the Ukrainian Greek-Catholic Church, as well as the other oriental Catholic Churches, in their identity and mission.

Source: press.vatican.va

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